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On Monday, October 12, I was able to do an interview with Anthony Dalton II of Tyler Perry’s Sistas which aired on Wednesday. During the interview, he talked about filming in a bubble, working with Tyler Perry, and the racial injustices going on in America.

DERRA HOWARD, HOST: Hey Anthony. Welcome!

ANTHONY DALTON II, Calvin Rodney on BET’S SISTAS: What’s going on?

HOWARD: Nothing much. How are you?

DALTON II: Good good.

HOWARD: You as well. So how you been?

DALTON II: Oh man. Just gearing up for this press run. But you know the new season is Wednesday. It’s…

How to destress from the election and Covid-19

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Mental health is a touchy subject for most. Since COVID-19 has plagued the world the subject has become an easier conversation. From eviction notices to the loss of jobs, many people are experiencing a form of mental health. Cortina D. Peters understands the importance and has dedicated over 20 yrs to the industry. She is a licensed mental health counselor, life coach, author, motivational strategist, and mentor. She motivates people to win in every area of their life. This is definitely needed during this time.

Cortina bridges the gap between people…

Q & A with NeuroVice Founder Ashlyn Sanders: How A Life-Changing Diagnosis Inspired An Entrepreneur To Invent An Oral Device For People Living With Seizures

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Sanders started a company called NeuroVice and invented a patent-pending seizure device called The Protector Against Tongue Injury or PATI for people with seizures. She developed the device after she fell ill with Chiari Malformation when she first started graduate school at Duke University. Sanders was first misdiagnosed. Finally, when she was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation she had to have emergency brain surgery. …

I’m not sure about how you’re feeling, but I can use a getaway from my life right now. With the pandemic and the protest, it has been so hard to keep up with the day-to-day. So, I decided to list my favorite Black Influencers. These ladies are all over the globe and when I look at their videos and photos, they give me so much inspiration. Whether it’s beauty tips, fashion, hair, family, single life, or entrepreneurship! And let me be honest, they never stopped going. Here they are!!


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Nigerian-American Jackie Aina is a Beauty influencer both on Youtube…

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