41 Black Influencers Who You Need To Follow

I’m not sure about how you’re feeling, but I can use a getaway from my life right now. With the pandemic and the protest, it has been so hard to keep up with the day-to-day. So, I decided to list my favorite Black Influencers. These ladies are all over the globe and when I look at their videos and photos, they give me so much inspiration. Whether it’s beauty tips, fashion, hair, family, single life, or entrepreneurship! And let me be honest, they never stopped going. Here they are!!


Nigerian-American Jackie Aina is a Beauty influencer both on Youtube and Instagram (with over 1.4 million followers on Instagram). She is known for her beauty tips and skincare routines.

Jackie is a beauty influencer that shares her whole life with her audience. Not only is she open and honest, but her skin is also absolutely gorgeous.

2. leslielatrice

Leslie Latrice is a model, entrepreneur, and YouTuber. She is passionate about hair, beauty, and lifestyle videos.
She also discusses fun hairstyles, Army life, and beauty.

She is a naturalista bombshell with a flair for giving her audience weekly doses to her life. Whether it is hair, style, or beauty.

3. flex.mami

Flex Mami is a DJ, TV Host, Author, DIY-er, Fairy Nut Mother. She is the owner of ReFlex The Game card game and Flex Factory Store. Flex Mami also is one half of a cross-continental sex and lifestyle podcast called Bobo and Flex.

Her brand is vibrant, creative, and upbeat.

4. JDSeries

Jazmine is a Fashion Enthusiast, Professional Bruncher, Event Curator, and creator of The JD Series Fashion & Lifestyle Blog. The JD Series was created in the hopes of inspiring plus-sized women to be confident and take fashion risks. She has succeeded in not only inspiring plus-size women but women of all shapes and sizes.

Jazmine is a fashionista force to be reckoned with. Her style is continuously changing.

5. Gabifresh

Gabi is known for fashion, travel, and design. She has a very devoted fan base with over 763k followers on Instagram. Gabi has a lingerie line called Playful Promises and a swimwear collection called Swimsuits4All.

Her page is always a bright and fierce appetite for self-love and body positivity.


Codou’s passion for fashion led to her creating Codou’s Way in March 2017. “I bring women daily wearable fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and skincare inspiration to a very engaged audience.”

Codou is an Austin-based influencer. She loves to share her French and West African roots on her platform with her beautiful styles.

Codou is in tech sales and a mother of 2 little ones. When she is not working on closing deals, she is being a soccer or gymnastics mom. She also loves making Tik Toks with her children.

7. spiritedpursuit

Lee Litumbe has an array of beautiful travel, culture, and vacations. This Cameroonian native is a well-traveled influencer. Her love for adventure, travel, and new places are shown beautifully all over her Instagram and website.


Monique is a blogger and Instagram Influencer that lives in South Florida with her husband and two boys. She’s passionate about empowering women, sharing her faith, and motherhood. She doesn’t sugar coat anything. “What you see is what you get.”

Most of her days are spent working a 9 to 5 job, taking care of her family, and spending time with her IG family. Monique is very uplifting on her Instagram feed and her blog. You can expect to feel uplifted.


Jade Kendle is a Dalla-based beauty influencer, mom, and entrepreneur. She is the owner of Life is Content. With a following of over 292k.

Her content consists of natural hair routines, mom life, love, and inspiring women.

10. derrahoward

Derra Howard is a style influencer, epilepsy advocate, model, writer, and entrepreneur. She has been creating for three years now and has found it to be a passion. As an entrepreneur, Derra started a clothing line called Line by Daye for women and a non-profit organization for people struggling with epilepsy called Saving Grace Epilepsy Organization.

She has a podcast that will focus on helping the insomniac sleep which is set to start this summer and is called The Beauty Rest Podcast. Derra’s content is happy, lively, and all-around greenery.

11. Hannah Bronfman

Hannah Bronfman is an entrepreneur, DJ, and Global Adidas Ambassador. She is the founder of HEALTH BEAUTY FITNESS.

Hannah’s Instagram is a catalog of her love, life, and fitness.

12. Styled.stamped

Yana B. is a writer, content creator, and 40+ mom to a teenager and a toddler. Fashion is her first love since growing up in New York with a seamstress mom and stylish mortician father. This background transcended to an early career in fashion merchandising and a lifelong passion for style that she now shares with her blogger audience.

In addition to talking about fashion, motherhood, and lifestyle, she is transparent in her journey through her 25 year battle with Lupus and a kidney transplant, as well as single-motherhood.

13. Mayasworld

Maya Washington is one of the most inspirational influencers out there. Her brand has been to be shameless. That’s exactly how she approaches her career; with no fear in sight!

Maya talks about a wide range of things from life to beauty and tech on Instagram and youtube channel.


Peigy is a style and travel influencer who focuses on her passions. As a fashion stylist, she offers style and beauty tips to help inspire women to feel confident.

“I love to travel and indulge in new cultures. Seeing growth in travel culture, especially for women of color has really driven me to share my own journey”- Peigy.

15. ElaineWelteroth

Elaine Welteroth is known for her fashion. She is a journalist, former Teen Vogue Editor-In-Chief, Judge on Project Runway, and author of More Than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are (No Matter What They Say).

She is a fashionista, innovative, and driven. It is shown all through her content.

16. Devandthecity

New Orleans native Deveney Marshall is a full-time influencer, filmmaker, actress, writer, and mental health expert. Deveney is the founder of the lifestyle and wellness website, DEVANDTHECITY lifestyle brand, and a production company DEVANDTHECITY PRODUCTIONS. Deveney’s main goal as an influencer is to provoke thought within society.

17. paecarter

Patience Murray is an entrepreneur, influencer, and author. She is a survivor of the Pulse nightclub shooting.

Since then, Patience has sat down with a countless number of U.S. officials to speak about gun control, terrorism, and mental health issues in America. She is now concentrating on her book Survive Then Live and frozen treats company W.O.W. Ice Company.

18. Fashionablenurse

Cherry is a professional nurse with a love for fashion, travel, and living life. She also loves to educate about health issues and personal well-being.

“I love mixing high end and affordable fashion for the everyday woman, creating a style that is uniquely my own but inspiring for others. Between fashion and being a healthcare provider, I believe that I have the best of both worlds and love sharing them with my audience.”-Cherry


Niqui & Janne Bishop are a Mom and daughter team that are passionate about fashion. They love exploring runway trends and unique style ideas. The Caribbean-American mom and daughter duo only follow one rule. “Wear what makes you happy. Rock it! - because your style comes from within & a pinch of confidence is the best accessory to elevate an outfit”-Niqui.

They have a blog and Twitter, where they’re sharing their love affair with all things fashion. They hope that you join in on fashion trek!

20. itsmekellieb

Kellie Brown is a fashion influencer, entrepreneur, and YouTuber. She is the creator of And I Get Dressed Community. Which is a community for plus-sized ladies to showcase their curves. Kellie is also the creator of the hashtag #fatatfashionweek and one-half owner of AIGD Home Decor.

21. Tanisha.Cherry

Tanisha Cherry is a lifestyle content creator based in Alberta, Canada who aims to inspire women to live outside the box society puts them in. Never one to keep helpful gems to herself, you can find Tanisha sharing all her “Cherryisms” about fashion, beauty, and travel on Instagram, YouTube, Blog, and the Cherry Lounge podcast. Think of her as that close girlfriend that has the answers.

22. shanboody

Shan Boodram is an author, Sexologist, host, and YouTuber.

She is one of Instagram’s most honest certified sex educators. She has the ability to talk about sex openly and freely, as well as help people in their dating and love lives. Shan is now a host of Sexology with Shan Boodram on Quibi.

23. MorganAngeliqueOwens

Morgan Angelique Owens is the author of “Finding My Sparkle” and Founder & CEO of the MAO Brand, Professional Pretty, and Curvy Cardio, LLC.

An entrepreneur powerhouse — Author, Consultant, Speaker, Brand Ambassador and Blogger — Morgan uses her vision and voice to coach and uplift women and young girls by sharing the knowledge and expertise she’s honed in the areas of physical and mental health, beauty, personal empowerment, and lifestyle content. She uses her passion and fashion-forward savvy to authentically bridge the gap between brands and underserved audiences.

24. adamaparis

Adama Amanda Ndiaye is the face behind the brand Adama Paris. Her flair for telling stories through fashion is why she is the brand that she is today.

She manages to showcase her style in such beautiful places around the world.


Chloe Wallace has an Influencer and brand ambassador for over 10 years. This 33-year-old resides in Dallas, Tx, and a mother of one son. Her life includes Cosmetology, barber, real estate, traveling, and fitness.

26. Nadirah.ali

Nadirah Ali is a woman of many hats. This beauty influencer and Youtuber is truly someone to pay attention to.

She showcases her beautiful family life, beauty, tutorials, and love on her vlogs as well as on her Instagram.

27. Naturally_Nex

Kineatra is a model, lifestyle, beauty brand, influencer. She is dedicated to showing women that they can be naturally nex to whoever they choose to be.

As the Editor-in-chief of her blog, Naturally Nex is an experience all things beauty, encouraging, and fun.

28. BrookeDeVard

Brooke DeVard is the host of and creator of Naked Beauty Podcast.

Brooke is not only the creator of a podcast, she does partner marketing for Instagram. She is a bombshell that shares her life, her podcast, fashion, and her love.

29. aleshanokeys

Alesha “Aleshanokeys” Faulkner is a content creator, brand influencer, Youtuber, and full-time mom/wife from Memphis, TN who has made Nashville, the Music City, her home. She has created an eclectic, successful social media brand that touches on beauty, fashion, hair, makeup, and more, all humorously and humbly mixed in with her take on the joys (and woes) of motherhood.

She has grown her following and now has over 29,000 “insta-cousins” who have come to trust her opinion and value her advice regarding beauty, haircare, style, and life.

30. jessicalaure_l

Jessica Laure’l is a lifestyle, mommy, and fashion blogger and content creator that encourages women to rewrite their stories. Jessica’s content is uplifting, inspiring, and intentional which motivates her audience to believe and trust in what she says.

Jessica has a highly engaged millennial audience who appreciates her vulnerability and transparency. Jessica uses her personal blog to share some of her personal life experiences combined with her clinical experience as being a mental health therapist. Jessica continues to grow her following rapidly because of the authentic connection she is able to make with each and every follower.

31. arrayoffaces

Sharron Clear is a mom, freelance journalist, College Professor, and content creator based in Atlanta. She loves adding bold colors, a mix of patterns and textures from unique finds for the everyday woman.

Sharron works with a range of brands big and small. Along with her own fashion and lifestyle blog, Array of Faces, I’ve written for Top Buzz, Red Tricycle, Reddit, BAUCE, Hers Mag, and other publications. She has a passion for working with the homeless and volunteering her time helping others.

32. eraeholland

Erika Holland is a free-spirited, multi-passionate creative, and millennial work-from-home mom of three. This Sacramento-based influencer has a lover for the arts, family, love, her succulent garden, and photography that she showcases on her blog.

Erika showcases how to maintain being a boy mom with three boys (a set of twins), giving out gardening tips, and living life.

33. flywithalishareed

Dr. Alisha Reed is a Mother, Pharmacist, Success Coach, and content creator. She has a lifestyle brand called Fly with Alisha Reed. In 2014, she started her former brand Nola Bougie, which inspired women to live their best and bougie lives.

On December 23, 2019, Alisha’s entire life changed when her husband passed away at the age of 43. It prompted her to share how she’s healing with her audience.

34. trinitysierra

Trinity Bradley is an Atlanta-based influencer. She is a social media blogger, YouTuber, teacher, and part-time counselor. Her brand empowers women in motherhood while also advocating for marriage.

Trinity is a wife to a musician and a mother of two little girls. She is the go-to for all things motherhood, marriage, and self-love.

35. Traceywiley

Tracey Wiley is a New Orleans native and it runs through her veins. She has worked in the media, fitness, and is now taking New Orleans by storm. Tracey is an influencer, friend, and fun person.

She has an amazing life that she shares with her hubby and her two kids. Tracey is passionate about public education and equality in education for children.

36. afrostylicity

Joy is Afrostylicity. She is a fashionista, lifestyle, and travel influencers which she displays on her Instagram and website. Watching her lavish travels and styles are really pleasing to the eye.

Her mixtures of style and location set the scene for the right background.

37. vanlenore

Louisiana based hair enthusiast Van Lenore will show you how to keep your natural hair fly, raise kids, and be a Fiance! She always has new hair tutorials and fun videos with her family life on her Youtube page.

Her content is based around family life and hair tutorials. However, she’s one of those that are great at what she does.

38. stylewithlolaa

Lola Akinuli- Adeniyi is a celebrity stylist, fashion influencer, photographer, and designer. She is the Creative Director of O & I.

Her page is well organized, detailed, and full of clean elegant looks.

39. yoursnaturally11

Ashley Williams is a natural hair influencer, cosmetologist, and mother of four. She often showcases her natural hair tutorials and family life.

She opens up about her life and motherhood and is an influencer that uses her platform to share her life with her audience.

40. bubblejasmine

BubbleJasmine is a London-based influencer. Her fun and unique style are very eyecatching and trendy. She often shares about her life and accomplishments and she just obtained a law degree.

Her Instagram name describes her well because she is bubbly and it reflects on her content.


LaTawnya is a 40-year self-taught photographer. She is a Lifestyle Influencer with a beautiful southern flair.

When she’s not being an influencer, she’s working in the Pharmaceutical Industry. She’s also living her best life as a wife and mom.

LaTawnya has a love of fashion, cooking, beauty, and home decor which she displays on her website. She loves what she does and it is shown in her work.

Columnist. One on One Series. www.derrahoward.com Tweet/insta @derrahoward

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